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HDFC Bank Ltd.
May 18, 04:01 BSE 1465.40 (+ 0.50 0.03%)
Prev. Close 1464.90
Open Price 1468.95
Today's Low / High
1463.30 1468.95
B. Price (Qty.)0.00 (0)
O. Price (Qty.) 0.00 (0)
52 Wk Low / High 1363.45
May 18, 12:49 NSE 1466.05(+ 1.95 0.13%)
Prev. Close 1464.10
Open Price 1466.00
Today's Low / High
1463.05 1467.10
B. Price (Qty.)0.00 (0)
O. Price (Qty.) 1466.05 (513)
52 Wk Low / High
1363.55 1757.50
( in Crs.)

ParticularsDec 23Dec 22Dec 21Dec 20Dec 19
Interest Earned     
Int. /Disc. on Adv/Bills149075.0391453.0872603.1671022.9167743.30
Income on Investment32766.5322934.7219469.6017047.9415542.62
Int. on balances With RBI1580.83688.141856.922026.381199.91
Total Interest Earned186867.81116466.1994304.3990434.6484927.59
Other Income31074.7422483.6521872.8417610.9817228.25
Total Income217942.55138949.84116177.23108045.62102155.84
Interest Expended107412.1752975.7841167.5642675.2243945.40
Employee Cost15304.0211150.308887.057685.947027.41
Other Expenses30113.1623039.6818402.3515855.3915392.30
Total Expenses152829.3587165.7668456.9666216.5566365.11
Operating Profit Before Provisions And Contingencies65113.2051784.0847720.2741829.0735790.73
Provisions And Contingencies9980.509234.3011749.4811009.158357.90
P/L Before Tax55132.7042549.7835970.7930819.9227432.83
P/L After Tax from Ordinary Activities44300.4232061.2626906.1522930.0219329.63
Net Profit/Loss For the Period44300.4232061.2626906.1522930.0219329.63
Equity Share Capital759.25557.68554.24550.77547.70
EPS Before Extra Ordinary *     
Basic EPS (Rs.)64.0657.6548.7041.7035.40
Diluted EPS (Rs.)63.7457.4048.3041.5035.10
EPS After Extra Ordinary *     
Basic EPS (Rs.) 64.0657.6548.7041.7035.40
Diluted EPS (Rs.) 63.7457.4048.3041.5035.10
NPA Ratios:     
Gross NPA31011.6718763.9016013.558825.5613427.25
Net NPA7664.105024.274676.771015.994468.35
(%) of Gross NPA1.
(%) of Net NPA0.310.330.370.090.48
Return on Assets %1.491.541.521.471.51
OPBPC Margin (%)34.8444.4650.6046.2542.14
PBT Margin (%)29.5036.5338.1434.0732.30
PAT Margin (%)23.7027.5228.5325.3522.76
ParticularsDec 23
Interest Earned 
Int. /Disc. on Adv/Bills149075.03
Income on Investment32766.53
Int. on balances With RBI1580.83
Total Interest Earned186867.81
Other Income31074.74
Total Income217942.55
Interest Expended107412.17
Employee Cost15304.02
Other Expenses30113.16
Total Expenses152829.35
Operating Profit Before Provisions And Contingencies65113.20
Provisions And Contingencies9980.50
P/L Before Tax55132.70
P/L After Tax from Ordinary Activities44300.42
Net Profit/Loss For the Period44300.42
Equity Share Capital759.25
EPS Before Extra Ordinary * 
Basic EPS (Rs.)64.06
Diluted EPS (Rs.)63.74
EPS After Extra Ordinary * 
Basic EPS (Rs.) 64.06
Diluted EPS (Rs.) 63.74
NPA Ratios: 
Gross NPA31011.67
Net NPA7664.10
(%) of Gross NPA1.26
(%) of Net NPA0.31
Return on Assets %1.49
OPBPC Margin (%)34.84
PBT Margin (%)29.50
PAT Margin (%)23.70