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Closed Issues

You can view the list of companies' which are closed for subscription.

Company NameIssue TypeOffer Price ( ₹ )Issue OpenIssue CloseIssue Size ( ₹ in Lakhs)List Price (BSE)List Price (NSE)
Indong Tea Company L Public Issue 26.0027/09/202227/09/20221,301.040.00--
Mafia Trends Public Issue 28.0022/09/202227/09/2022359.520.00--
Containe Technologie Public Issue 15.0020/09/202222/09/2022261.600.00--
Kandarp Digi Smart B Public Issue 30.0016/09/202220/09/2022810.00----
Maks Energy Solution Public Issue 20.0016/09/202220/09/2022399.60--20.00
Varanium Cloud Public Issue 122.0016/09/202220/09/20223,660.00--131.00
Annapurna Swadisht Public Issue 70.0015/09/202219/09/20223,026.66--120.00
Harsha Engineers Int Public Cum O...330.0014/09/202216/09/202278,225.52444.00450.00
Ishan International Public Issue 80.0009/09/202214/09/20221,824.00--82.00
Tapi Fruit Process Public Issue 48.0012/09/202214/09/2022521.28--52.10
Sabar Flex India Public Issue 11.0008/09/202213/09/2022447.70--21.00
Infurnia Holdings Public Issue 10.0006/09/202209/09/20223,820.000.00--
Mega Flex Plastics Public Issue 40.0006/09/202209/09/20221,140.00--54.00
Shantidoot Infra Ser Public Cum O...81.0006/09/202209/09/2022401.76105.00--
Viviana Power Tech Public Issue 55.0005/09/202208/09/2022880.00--90.00
Tamilnad Mercantile Public Issue 510.0005/09/202207/09/202280,784.00510.00495.00
Virtuoso Optoelectro Public Issue 56.0002/09/202207/09/20223,024.00117.00--
EP Biocomposites Public Issue 126.0029/08/202205/09/2022635.040.00--
Ameya Precision Engi Public Cum O...34.0025/08/202230/08/2022714.00--68.40
Dipna Pharmachem Public Issue 38.0025/08/202230/08/20221,520.760.00--
Jay Jalaram Tech Public Issue 36.0026/08/202230/08/20221,080.00--50.00
JFL Life Sciences Public Issue 61.0025/08/202230/08/20221,816.58--70.00
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