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Closed Issues

You can view the list of companies' which are closed for subscription.

Company NameIssue TypeOffer Price ( ₹ )Issue OpenIssue CloseIssue Size ( ₹ in Lakhs)List Price (BSE)List Price (NSE)
CFF Fluid Control Public Issue 165.0030/05/202302/06/20238,580.000.00--
Sahana Systems Public Issue 135.0031/05/202302/06/20233,273.75--0.00
Infollion Research Public Cum O...82.0029/05/202331/05/20232,145.12--0.00
Hemant Surgical Indu Public Issue 90.0024/05/202326/05/20232,484.090.00--
Proventus Agrocom Public Cum O...771.0024/05/202326/05/20236,954.42--0.00
Crayons Advertising Public Issue 65.0022/05/202325/05/20234,179.50--90.00
Vasa Denticity Public Cum O...128.0023/05/202325/05/20235,406.72--211.00
Krishca Strapping So Public Issue 54.0016/05/202319/05/20231,954.80--118.80
Remus Pharmaceutic Public Issue 1229.0017/05/202319/05/20234,768.52--1,711.25
Auro Impex & Chemic Public Cum O...78.0011/05/202315/05/20232,706.91--78.00
Nexus Select Trust R Public Cum O...100.0009/05/202311/05/2023329,262.92----
De Neers Tools Public Issue 101.0028/04/202303/05/20232,299.16--190.00
Innokaiz India Public Issue 78.0028/04/202303/05/20232,117.23148.20--
Mankind Pharma Public Issue 1080.0025/04/202327/04/2023432,635.541,300.001,300.00
Retina Paints Public Issue 30.0019/04/202324/04/20231,110.000.00--
Quicktouch Technolog Public Issue 61.0018/04/202321/04/2023933.30--92.00
A G Universal Public Issue 60.0011/04/202313/04/2023872.40--60.00
Pattech Fitwell Tube Public Issue 50.0005/04/202312/04/20231,200.00--55.00
Avalon Technologies Public Cum O...436.0003/04/202306/04/202386,500.01431.00436.00
MOS Utility Public Cum O...76.0031/03/202306/04/20234,746.05--90.00
Sancode Technologies Public Issue 47.0031/03/202306/04/2023514.6564.00--
Exhicon Events Media Public Issue 64.0031/03/202305/04/20232,112.0064.00--
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