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Mutual Fund

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1. Search within a Category
Search for a Mutual Fund Scheme by specifying any of the following criteria. This is useful when you know the fund house, the type or category of the scheme.


2. Search by a Keyword
Search for a Mutual Fund Scheme by specifying a keyword or a few characters. You can ask to search in the Mutual Fund Name, the Scheme Name, the Option Name or any of them. You can also specify whether the Name should begin with the characters or can contain the characters. This search is useful when you know a keyword in the name.

Mutual Fund / Scheme NameCategoryFund Type
Zerodha ELSSTaxSavDP-Growth Equity - ELSS Open Ended
Zerodha NifLarMid DP-Growth Equity - Index Fund Open Ended
Zerodha Nifty1DRLiqu-Growth Liquid Fund Open Ended
Zerodha GoldETF-Growth Special Fund Open Ended