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MF sale/purchase activity for the active years on monthly basis for Equity Investment..

Date/YearEquity Purch.
( Cr.)
Equity Sell
( Cr.)
Equity Net.
( Cr.)
Debt Purch.
( Cr.)
Debt Sell
( Cr.)
Debt Net.
( Cr.)
Total Purch.
( Cr.)
Total Sell
( Cr.)
Total Net.
( Cr.)
June-2024 18271916134921370136349134868148131906829621722851
May-2024 24991120224547666181257225323-440664311674275673600
Apr-2024 206765173941328241415181269891452934828330093147353
Mar-2024 18692014180045120206109252691-46582393029394491-1462
Feb-2024 18348116556017921177895221528-43633361376387088-25712
Jan-2024 19936617915220214174176193318-191423735423724701072