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Company NameIssue TypeOffer PriceNSE Curr.Price()BSE Curr.Price()Issue OpenIssue Close
Adjia Technologies Ltd. Public Issue 74--4302/03/202104/03/2021
Anupam Rasayan India Ltd. Public Issue 555555.25554.4512/03/202116/03/2021
Ashapuri Gold Ornament Ltd. FPO - Fixed Price81--44.2503/03/202108/03/2021
Barbeque-Nation Hospitality... Public Cum Offer...500722.6722.0524/03/202126/03/2021
Craftsman Automation Ltd. Public Cum Offer...14901444.81444.4515/03/202117/03/2021
Easy Trip Planners Ltd. Offer For Sale187201.35201.2508/03/202110/03/2021
EKI Energy Services Ltd. Public Issue 102--162.0524/03/202126/03/2021
Heranba Industries Ltd. Public Cum Offer...627658657.2523/02/202125/02/2021
Home First Finance Company ... Public Cum Offer...518492.15492.5521/01/202125/01/2021
Indian Railway Finance Corp... Public Cum Offer...2621.9521.9518/01/202120/01/2021
Indigo Paints Ltd. Public Cum Offer...14902344.52345.5520/01/202122/01/2021
Jetmall Spices and Masala L... Public Issue 20----31/03/202107/04/2021
Kalyan Jewellers India Ltd. Public Cum Offer...877171.0516/03/202118/03/2021
Knowledge Marine & Engineer... Public Issue 37--3709/03/202112/03/2021
Kuberan Global Edu Solution... Public Issue 20----20/04/202127/04/2021
Laxmi Organic Industries Lt... Public Cum Offer...130194193.7515/03/202117/03/2021
Macrotech Developers Ltd. Public Issue 486----07/04/202109/04/2021
MRP Agro Ltd. Public Issue 40--35.108/02/202110/02/2021
MTAR Technologies Ltd. Public Cum Offer...5751028.351029.9503/03/202105/03/2021
Nazara Technologies Ltd. Offer For Sale11011613.31612.7517/03/202119/03/2021
Niks Technology Ltd. Public Cum Offer...201--205.519/03/202123/03/2021
Nureca Ltd. Public Issue 400848.55844.6515/02/202117/02/2021
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