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Get a list of bulk deals reported to the BSE and NSE at the end of the day by the companies.

Company NameDeal DateBuy / SellClient NameQuantityPrice ()
Aristo Bio-Tech 03/02/2023SANANT AGGARWAL1920074.90
RBM Infracon 03/02/2023SYUGA STOCKS AN...6000091.65
Mold-Tek Technologi. 03/02/2023SXTX MARKETS LLP250308190.90
SVP Global Textiles 03/02/2023SSHRIVALLABH PI...72404631.03
Jet Freight Logistic 03/02/2023SJILESH NAVIN C...15600118.50
Jet Freight Logistic 03/02/2023SMANGLA SHANTIA...17020218.46
Marshall Machines 03/02/2023SANIL TULSIAN2278030.50
Marshall Machines 03/02/2023SJILESH NAVIN C...25904829.69
Vikas Ecotech L 03/02/2023BSILVERTOSS SHO...55000003.20
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