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About Us

Libord Group Company

Libord Brokerage Pvt. Ltd. is a flagship Company of the Libord Group. Libord Brokerage Pvt. Ltd. is a Trading cum Clearing Member of BSE (Cash), NSE (Cash), NSE (F&O) & MCX and Trading Member of BSE (Currency) & NSE (Currency) having SEBI Registration Number INZ000006536; Member of CDSL (DP ID 12086200 and SEBI Registration No. IN-DP-379-2018) and Member of BSE Star MF and NSE MFSS (AMFI Regn. No. 135523), ComRis (Registration No M1100042) and CCRL-RP (Registration No. 15555555).

At Libord, we provide a unique combination of expertise in planning and execution of various type of financial requirement of our clients. A pragmatic and research oriented management team at Libord has a blend of specialists from the finance, legal, management, accounting, taxation and technical fields working as a great team for providing a wholesome satisfaction to the clients as all their needs are satisfied under one roof and a complete solution is given to them for a variety of financial needs with which they approach us.

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Our Services

Broking, Distribution of Mutual Funds & Depository Services

Libord Brokerage Pvt. Ltd. is a Trading cum Clearing Member of BSE (Cash), NSE (Cash), NSE (F&O) & MCX and Trading Member of BSE (Currency) & NSE (Currency) having SEBI Registration Number INZ000006536; Member of CDSL (DP ID 12086200 and SEBI Registration No. IN-DP-379-2018) and Member of BSE Star MF and NSE MFSS (AMFI Regn. No. 135523), ComRis (Registration No M1100042) and CCRL-RP (Registration No. 15555555). We have a fully geared well qualified staff to deal with the clients in both the individual and non-individual category.

A team of Research Analysts and Advisory Managers at Libord engages in research on a regular basis and shares with you their knowledge and expertise to help you find solutions to your investment needs and suggest strategies equity, derivatives and commodities markets. We also can give you benefit of our knowledge for hedging with Nifty and other products to find opportunities for near risk free arbitrage between various segments.

  • Trading in Securities Markets

    We offer specialised services in these segments powered by risk management, portfolio analysis, personalized attention and efficient back-end support to our individual and corporate clients

  • Distribution of Financial Products

    LBPL is member of BSE STAR MF and NSE MFSS (AMFI Registration No. 135523), Mutual funds products can be purchased by our clients through our online portal and LibordEasy App.

  • Research Analysis

    In a speculative and volatile market, market intelligence is the key to make positive gains provided it is accurate and promptly accessed by the investors.

  • Depository Services

    One stop Trading and Depository Services are available for both Individual and Non-Individual Clients

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Merchant Banking

Libord Advisors Pvt. Ltd. , a Libord Group Company is a registered Category i Merchant Banker with SEBI and provides a comprehensive set of services like Public Issue, Rights Issue, Buy- Back Offers, Delisting of shares, Follow-on Offers, Valuation and Merger & Acquisition etc. The Company is led by highly experience management team having rich and extensive experience of managing a large number of public issues and consultancy assignments at the LIBORD Group. The Company is committed to provide full satisfaction to clients need by working out viable, cost effective and speedy solutions in an integrated and comprehensive manner.

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Financial Services

Libord Finance Limited is RBI registered Non Banking Finance Company (NBFC) formed in 1994 in Mumbai (India). The Company has been a Listed Company on the Bombay Stock Exchange for past 25 years. The Company provides finance and a wide range of services in the field of Financial services. The Company provides finance to SME sector, loan against property, Bill discounting, clean loan, working capital finance, Loan against shares. Over the years the Company has established itself as a forward looking organization which focuses in building enduring relationship with its valued clients.

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Software Development

Libord Securities Ltd, a Libord Group Company, is a BSE Listed Company, engaged in software development, trading of securities and making investments in securities and financial and corporate advisory services.

Over the years it has catered to a large number of clientele and successfully established itself as a Company that cares. It’s pragmatic and result oriented management team provides focused, timely and result oriented solutions to client problems and strives for excellence in its efforts in order to provide maximum satisfaction to them.

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Corporate finance

We provide specialized services to corporate clients seeking revival, rehabilitation and corporate debt restructuring. We take up eligible assignments and offer complete range of services for our clients regarding matters related to creditors, equity holders, strategic investors, statutory liabilities, taxations and labour issues.

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Capital Market is a market for securities where companies or institutions get a platform to raise long term capital. The capital market can be classified into primary market and secondary market. Primary Market comprises of a market for new issues of shares, and debentures, where investors apply directly to the issuer/company for allotment of securities. Once the issue is closed the securities are listed on Stock Exchanges. Secondary Market, on the other hand, comprises of the buyers and sellers of shares and debentures subsequent to the original issues.

A stock exchange is the single most important institution in the secondary market for securities being the market where trading on the listed securities takes place through stock exchanges.

Indian Capital Market comprises of Cash, F&O, Currency Derivatives, Commodity Derivatives & Debt Market. A large number of intermediaries provide intermediation services in the market. These intermediaries may be grouped as Development Financial Institutions and Financial Market Intermediaries.

Capital markets play a significant role as a source of long-term funds to the government and corporate bodies and comprise of both debt and equity shares. Particularly in a developing economy capital markets help to bridge investment and saving gaps by providing a cost-effective mode of raising finance. On the other hand, capital markets provide an alternative investment platform as an attractive destination to park surplus funds.

Fundamental Analysis

Fundamental analysis makes use of real, public data such as revenues, earnings, return on equity, profit margins etc. for evaluating underlying value of stocks and equity instruments of a company and make an estimate of its potential for future growth. In this technique, the researchers usually adopt a holistic approach to study a business in order to analyse the contemporary and prospective health of a company. At times, they try to work out the intrinsic value of a stock in order to know what may be its real worth. They often use quantitative techniques such as discounted cash flow (DCF) analysis in order to value a project, company or asset at present, based on how much money it’s projected to make in the future. However, such projections are often based on certain assumptions which may or may not come true as expected. For instance, the discounted cash flow theory assumes that people are rational and so nobody would buy a business for more than its future discounted cash flows, but this assumption may not always be correct as some people may get carried away by emotions or extremes of negative or positive feelings while making trading decisions. Fundamental Analysis is more effective in fulfilling long term growth objective of shares, rather then their short-term price fluctuations.

Technical Analysis

Technical Analysis is an age-old technique used for analysing financial market data by using price and volume charts and other technical indicators for making trading decisions. In this technique the analysts attempt to study historical market data using both behavioural economics and quantitative analysis techniques to predict future market behaviour. There are two major types of technical analysis techniques, namely, Chart patterns and Technical indicators. The Chart patterns may often be subjective form of analysis where the qualified technicians try to identify areas of support and resistance on a chart based on their observation of specific patterns. However, Technical indicators are used by researchers to identify specific trends based on the analysis of quantitative techniques such as moving averages.

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