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Our Services

Merchant Banking Services

Merchant banking is a specialized form of financial services that encompasses a wide range of activities related to investment banking. It involves financial institutions or banks that provide customized financial services to corporations, governments, and high-net-worth individuals.

Category 1 Merchant Banker

At Libord we strive to enhance value for our clients in order to create a large network of satisfied clients on a long term basis. We have a pragmatic and research oriented management team having a blend of specialists from the finance, legal, management, accounting, taxation and technical fields. We believe that good performance speaks for itself for a successful company and so we strive for excellence in anything that we do. And excellence for that matter means providing utmost satisfaction to our valued clients on a sustained basis. Merchant banks are often involved in activities such as:

  • Managing the Initial Public Offers
  • Rights Issues
  • Follow-on Offers
  • Qualified Institutional Placements
  • Preferential Placements to Institutional and Strategic Investors
  • Underwriting IPOs
  • Takeover and Valuation
  • Delisting of Shares
  • Buy Back Offers
  • FCCB / GDR / ADR
  • Delisting offers
  • The Valuation of Equity Shares

Merger & Acquisition

We assist our clients identify suitable opportunities for Merger & Acquisition with domestic and international companies. We assist them strike the right deal to facilitate strategic benefits emanating from increase in the scale and diversity of business. We also advise our clients who are planning to grow stronger financially by selling a business unit or part of its assets so as to release their idle resources for better operational performance. Over the years we have successfully facilitated several deals in the field of merger and acquisition in a cross-section of industry and have developed deep understanding of the factors that contribute to a successful transaction.

  • Merger Advisory
  • Acquisition
  • Disinvestment
  • Joint Venture
  • Strategic Partnership
  • Takeover
  • Demerger
  • Valuation of Shares